Project Title: St Philips Hospital, Barbados

Lead Club District 1210: Walsall Saddlers

Supporting Clubs District 1210: Aldridge, Blythe Bridge & District, Darlaston, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent and Wednesbury

Partner Club District 7030: Barbados

Project Description: The project is to provide modern eqipment and appliances for the Evalina Smith Unit at St Philips Hospital. The unit provides for children born mentally and physically challenged for life. The unit accommodates 20 children and young people.

Total Project Cost: $25,888 US

Total Grant Funding: $11.094 US

Grant Type: Matching Grant


Shower commode chair


Supplier demonstrates full electric home care bed

Seven clubs in District 1210 were joined by the Rotary Foundation Alumni District Association and the Rotary Club of Barbados in a successful application to the Rotary Foundation, Rotary’s own charity, for a grant of nearly US$12000 to match their contribution to provide modern equipment for the Evalina Smith Unit at St Philips Hospital in Barbados.   This unit provides for children born mentally and physically challenged for life. It has 20 children and young persons, many with multiple disabilities, in residential care at any one time.

The initiative arises from the Group Study Exchange between Districts 1210 and 7030 (Eastern Caribbean which includes the 3 Guianas) in 2010/2011 and a visit to the Unit by the D1210 team.  On District 1210’s team return to the UK its leader, Carol Reilly, reported on the unit at her presentations at the homecoming rally and subsequent club presentations. Carol, who was President of Walsall Saddlers in 2011-12, attracted support not only from her own club but also from the Rotary Clubs of Aldridge, Blythe Bridge and District, Darlaston, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent and Wednesbury.  The Alumni Association has members from the GSE team that went to the Eastern Caribbean which includes the 3 Guianas and was keen to join in this effort.   This US$26,000 project will enhance the quality of life of the patients by enabling medical, nursing and care staff to provide care appropriate to modern standards and best practice. It involves the purchase and supply of a wide variety of medical equipment, including eight state-of-the art beds. The District 1210 contribution includes over US$ 5000 from the District’s own Rotary Foundation Fund.

Carol Reilly said,” We are all pleased to support these children and further help the Rotary Club of Barbados in their continuing commitment to the unit and to the wider hospital community.  We are delighted at the speedy approval given by Rotary Foundation to our application of two week’s ago and expect that all the equipment will be in place in the very near future.  I must thank all the contributing clubs for their willingness to take part in such a valuable project”.

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