District grants

District grants offer clubs and districts flexibility in carrying out activities that support the Foundation’ mission – DOING GOOD IN THE WORLD. Districts are encouraged to distribute these grant funds for relatively short-term activities, either local or international.

Districts can request up to 50% of their District Designated Fund (DDF) in one annual block grant. The remaingi 50% can be used for Global Grants. Districts are responsible for administering the activities undertaken with these funds. They may disperse these grant funds at their discretion for district- or club-sponsored activities. In addition:  

  • All activities funded with district grant funds must adhere to the eligibility requirements set forth in the terms and conditions for Rotary Foundation Grants.
  • Districts must be qualified by the Foundation to receive district grant funds.
  • Clubs in District 1210 must be qualified by the district to receive district grant funds.
  • Activities are not required to support the areas of focus .


District grants are funded solely by District Designated Funds generated from a district’s Annual Programs Fund giving from three years prior. Districts can request up to 50 percent of their DDF each year. Any unused district grant funds are returned to the Foundation and credited back to the district’s DDF balance. DDF will continue to rollover to a district’s balance for the following year but can only be used for Global grants thereafter. Rollover DDF will not be used in the calculation of the district grant amount.

Business cycle

Application Districts may apply for one district grant per Rotary year. Prior to submitting their application, districts should decide what activities they plan to support with district grant funds. District 1210 has decided to offer all clubs irrespective of previous contributions an equal share of the District Grant provide that they have completed the qualification process and signed the Club Memorandum of Understanding.

The district governor, district Rotary Foundation committee chair, and district grants subcommittee chair will submit the application online. Applications may be submitted to the Foundation at any time, but districts are encouraged to submit their applications before the start of the Rotary year, so that payment can be made immediately at the beginning of the year. District 1210 has decided to submit their application in May.

Payment Districts will receive one block payment for the approved amount of the district grant. District grant payments can only be made from 1 July to 15 May during the Rotary year for which the payment is intended. All previous district grants must be closed before a new payment will be made, and districts must be current on reporting for all district-sponsored grants.

Final report Districts must submit a final report to the Foundation within 12 months of payment of the grant. This report must include a final list of funded activities and be submitted in the same format as the district’s spending plan.

Some changes in project funding may occur between when a district submits its original spending plan and when it submits the final report. Districts must note these changes on the report. Districts may submit their final report once they have fully distributed their district grant funds to the individual projects. These projects do not need to be complete before a district reports to the Foundation.  Districts are also required to report annually on their use of district grant funds to their member clubs.

Types of activities

Districts may support a broad range of activities with their district grant funds. Examples of potential district-grant activities include:  

  • Local or international service projects as well as service travel or disaster recovery efforts
  • Vocational training teams:
    • No partnership or international requirements
    • No restrictions on team size or length of training
    • Teams travel to either conduct or receive training
  • Scholarships:
    • No restrictions on the level (secondary, university, or graduate), length, location (local or international), or area of study
    • No restrictions on the dollar amount for the scholarships

Districts are encouraged to develop their own criteria and administrative procedures for vocational training teams and scholars they plan to support with their district grant funds.

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