Packaged global grants

Packaged global grants provide opportunities for Rotary clubs in pilot districts to work with The Rotary Foundation’s strategic partners on predesigned projects and activities funded entirely by the World Fund.

These projects and activities support the areas of focus and can include scholarships, humanitarian projects, and vocational training.

Because the initial work of finding a strategic partner and designing the general framework of the project has already been done, Rotarians can focus their talents and energies on implementing the project. Participation could include:

  • Assessing community needs and identifying project beneficiaries
  • Providing technical expertise, direct service, or advocacy
  • Promoting and publicizing the project
  • Monitoring and evaluating the project

The requirements for international partnership between project sponsors vary, depending on the project’s needs and objectives. These grants will be implemented by Rotarians in conjunction with the Foundation’s strategic partners and will be fully funded by the World Fund and the strategic partners.

Because this type of grant is new, the Foundation is starting with a few of them and will steadily increase the number of grants in order to establish a well-rounded portfolio of opportunities. Eventually, the Foundation will offer a range of packaged global grant project types, locations, and levels of Rotarian involvement.

The current strategic partners are:

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